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JOMY Folding Ladder

Good Looking and Unobtrusive

The ladder is very small : folded back, all that can be seen is a column about 10 cm. in size, comparable to a down pipe.

It can thus integrate perfectly with both old and new buildings, even on the principle facade. The exposed surfaces may be painted (in any color).


Fire escape equipment. Providing exterior access for the fire brigade and rescue services.

Guaranteed Operation in All Weather Conditions

Constructed in anodized aluminum alloy, stainless steel and nylon, it requires no special maintenance. The ladder and its opening mechanism have been tested at abnormally high temperatures and submitted to alternating wet and immediate freeze-thaw cycles at -40C in a cold chamber. The opening mechanism continues to function and the ladder is deployed normally in both these extremes of climate.

Simple and Quick Operation :

A simple quarter-turn of the operating handle located at the level of one of the emergency exits and the ladder unfolds over its full height.

The unfolding action is dampened by stainless steel compensating springs which also help in folding the ladder back after use. A side guard rail located in the exterior upright is opened by hand to protect the user on his descent.

Options : The JOMY ladder may be opened by an electronic drive with controls at each level and supplied by a fire alarm and detecting system or by a 24 V permanent rechargeable battery.

Protection Against Misuse :

The control lever at the ground level may be removed and the opening mechanism protected by a padlocked cover.This protection does not prevent the ladder being deployed from the other levels. At its base the ladder may be located in an "anti-climb" U channel over a height of about 3m. An alarm sensor and/or a floodlight, triggered by the operation of the ladder may be installed.

Certifications :

The JOMY ladder has passed laboratory tests in the Benelux countries, the Federal Republic of Germany, in the USA, in Japan... It is also advised, or even recommended, by the emergency services in many countries.