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System 888 - Head Set System

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888-1.jpg (23597 bytes)

888-2.jpg (17593 bytes)The Head Set System 888 was designed as all-in-one system for rescue personnel to transmit real time video images and audio sounds to the Remote Monitor. Moreover Digital Video Tape Recording System is installed into this system in order to record the images and sounds at site.

A combination of compact and lightweight Waist Belt Unit and Helmet Head Set Styled Camera Head enables the rescuer to have hands free to work or operate even in the most confined spaces of hazardous disaster sites.


1. Compact and ruggedly designed camera head unit is mounted on helmet by two firmly bolted Knobs. Zoom in/out  (3x Zoom Lens) Can be controlled easily by Control Switch of Camera Head.

2. The Camera Head Unit can be seperated from the Helmet so that the operator can make versatile search operation with the hand held Camera Head.

3.  Digital Video Tape Recorder has 4" LCD display. Operator can check the images he is recording or transmitting to the receiver of wireless transmitter with this display.

4. The entire PROEYE Multi-Purpose Search System has same Battery System which supplies power for more than one and a half hour of operation. This system need only fifteen minutes to be fully recharged using the Quick Battery Charger. If longer operational time is necessary, Belt Pack Battery Holder(optional) can be helpful. It allows additional two to three hours operational time.

Operation by Wireless Transmission

This powerful transmission function allows rescuer to transmit the image up to 100 m distance as the crow flies.

In case of controlled confined space rescue operations, for example earthquakes, real time image can be transmitted on the LCD Screen of Remote Monitor RM-55DX positioned downstairs or upstairs of the facility, if sufficient opening is availiable.
(Note : This function depends on wireless transmission condition)

System Items

System 888 includes following items

  1. Headset (Camera Head, Helmet) : 1 set
  2. Waist Belt Unit (Control Box, Rechargeable Battery, VTR) : 1 set
  3. Rechargeable Battery : 1 set
  4. Battery Charger : 1 pc
  5. Spare Rechargeable Battery : 1 pc
  6. System Box : 1 pc

Additional Options : Remote Monitor RM-55DX (Includes 5,5" LCD Monitor / Wireless Transmission / Receiver / Rechargeable Battery)