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System 951-S

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All-in-One Search System

Ruggedly designed PROEYE System 951-S, allows rescue personnel to locate the victims trapped in confined spaces and collapsed structures with integrated small Camera Head and Audio Sensor System.

The Entire Video and Audio components are integrated in this 951-S System, in order to make search and rescue operation simple and effective.

This System 951-S has unique features of the all-in one unit which needs a single operator. Camera Head, Display and Audio system can be separated and assembled under the most demanding condition.

Features :

  1. 951-2.jpg (11590 bytes)Color Camera Head Model 709-S has total 270 deg. Articulation, plus 51 deg. angular view (Total Area View : 321 deg.) which can be controlled by control unit.
    Audio Sensor Unit is integrated into this 709 Camera Head, as well. Video Camera Housing is designed under water up to 50m and Audio Sensor Unit has raindrop proof design. However if needed, by utilizing Water proof Adapter for Audio Sensor Unit (Standard item), 709-S Camera Head can be used up to 10m underwater.
  2. 951-4.jpg (17019 bytes)Model 951-S has Integrated lightweight 3m probe with Pistol Grip style Control Unit. Entire operation of system can be controlled by Control Unit.
  3. Small Camera Head has strong twin Xenon Illumination bulbs which provides clear image over a distance of more than 6m even in total darkness. Model 709-S camera Head Xenon bulb basically has more than 24 hours life span. (At 75% of full power: 24H / At 100% of full Power: 15H)
  4. 951-3.jpg (18174 bytes)System 951-S has a unique Rechargeable Battery System which consist of a two type Battery for standard item.

    a. 3 Hours Battery Model PC-3100 provides more than 3 hours operation This Battery also has Waist Bag style design. Power: 12V DC

    b. 1 hour Battery Model PC-5100 provides 1 Hour operation. However only 15 minutes is needed for full charge.
  5. Wide and low reflection 5.6" LCD Display provides high quality resolution even under strong Sunlight.
  6. 951-5.jpg (15928 bytes)Video Camera Specification.
    a. Number of Pixels: 542*497
    b. 1/4" Interline transfer
    c. Resolution : Total 350 TV Line
    d. Angular View : 83 (H) x 62(V) in degree.
  7. System Box: 1190W*310D*180H
    Total weight: approx. 19 kg